Meet the Owner

Javier Villafane


What experience do you have?

I have worked for a number of companies over many years including East Coast Medical, Allegiance Respiratory Care, Cardinal Health, Technology in Medicine, Carefusion, and Universal Hospital Services.

Who have you been certified by?

I personally am certified on over 50% of the ventilators on the market. These include some from manufacturers such as BIRD, Siemens Medical, Respironics, Newport Medical, Philips, Puritan Bennett, GE, Flight Medical, Percussionaire, and Hamilton Medical.

Why did you start ARS?

I saw that there was a need for great honorable service and ethical practices in this field. Instead of having to call each individual manufacturer, ARS would be the place for all types of respiratory service needs. We wanted to offer great services at fair prices which then provides a wave of solutions for our customers.